Welcome to Xandria Louw

“We are always a perfect MASTERPIECE
and a work in progress in the exact
same moment” – Anonymous

I love stories.

As a therapist, I get to listen to the real life stories of real life humans, living through heartbreak to hope with the unexpected twists and turns they meet along the roads they travel. I then have the honor of being present when they remember their courage and spark their creativity to get to work and shape the unfolding of their life’s stories in a way that brings more meaning, balance and joy.
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Spirals represent the slow reveal of things that are hidden.

The process of psychotherapy holds the exact same invitation. It can mean growth, change and expansion. It represents harmony, direction and progress. Spirals are ancient and strong patterns found all around us. They show up in vines and ferns, in seashells and in the swirl in the chameleon’s tail. It serves as a symbol reminding us to take comfort in perpetual motion and balance. As a psychologist in private practice, I offer counselling and a safe space for exploring, expanding and finding meaning in what life hold for you in the present moment. I welcome long-term, in-depth therapy as well as brief and focused counselling for children, adolescents and adults.

Psychological Services


Psychotherapy can bring relief in overcoming emotional challenges associated with transitions, stress, depression, anxiety and tension in relationships.

Play Therapy

Play therapy provides a platform for getting to know what feelings really are and how they can support us in meeting our needs.


A psychoeducational assessment can identify learning challenges in students of all ages, from young children to adults.