“People start to heal, the moment they feel heard” – Cheryl Richardson “People start to heal, the moment
they feel heard” – Cheryl Richardson

Essentially, psychotherapy offers support and compassionate guidance, not only in times of crisis and change, but also in pursuit of personal growth and self-realization.

Psychotherapy creates a space and an opportunity to rediscover the courage to be heard. It extends the invitation to risk vulnerability and experience unconditional acceptance. It welcomes the full spectrum of emotional range and it supports the process of gaining new insight and deeper understanding of yourself. Just as spirals represent constant growth and expansion, psychotherapy encourages flexibility and trust when things move and shift and change.

Psychotherapy can bring relief in overcoming emotional challenges associated with transitions, stress, depression, anxiety and tension in relationships.

My work is grounded in a mindful, person-centered and psychodynamic approach. Understanding how our personal stories has shaped our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world we live in, provides the key to unlocking new and healthy perspectives, serving us better and supporting our growth.